Why Megathron?


Megathron offers foldable toilets for events, construction sites, and disaster reliefs. We provide a prompt sanitation solutions.

Quality and

Our toilets are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability. The foldable design provides efficient storage and easy transport.

Versatility &

From events to disaster reliefs and construction sites, our toilets are universally applicable, easy to transport, and built with robust construction.

Sustainability &

We focus on hygiene and sustainability, employing innovative logistics and waste management systems.

Around the World


Effortless Mobility

The foldable design ensures easy transport, offering more than an ordinary portable toilet.

Hygienic Solutions

Special surfaces and a unique ventilation system ensure optimal cleanliness. The wastewater tank can be easily replaced at any time.

Easy Assembly

The Megathron is ready for use immediately. The light and fast setup ensures comfort in any environment.

Sturdy Construction

Durable materials ensure longevity in any situation.

Asked Questions

We understand that when considering our services, you may have specific queries and concerns. That’s why we have curated a collection of frequently asked questions.
  • What is the weight and dimensions of the Megathron?

    Weight: 82kg.

    Assembled (W/H/D): 116cm x 210cm x 121cm

    Compact (W/H/D): 116cm x 98cm x 121cm

  • How do you clean the Megathron?

    Best cleaned with a high-pressure gun. The wastewater tank can be cleaned separately.

  • Does the Megathron have a urinal?

    Yes, it features an integrated urinal that can be detached if needed.